Cover Reveal: Wicked Egg to Crack



The Presley Thurman Mysteries

A sneak peek into a series of covers I’m designing. I still have a few more to go! Since the author is now replacing the old with the new, I’m finally comfortable sharing these with potential clients. I’ve been dying to share them. What do you think? I’ll post the rest when ready, in a new post 😀

New Mystery Premades! Little Shops of Horrors

Ohmygoodness, I had the funnest idea for a new series. A shopping district of little stores that each take a turn as the setting for a murder. Little Shops of Horrors. Who wants to buy this before I decide to write the series? They can all be yours for $299 total. Do you need them made into paperbacks? Just add $35 each. I also have illustrations of a travel agency, shoe store, news stand, and more, so the series can continue on.






Siamese Sleuth Series

Before I jumped into cover design, I simply made covers for myself. If up to my neck in writing, I’d occasionally peruse designers’ sites. At one time, the thought of hiring someone on a consistent basis to help design was a dream of mine. While I was perusing one site in particular, I came across a premade that inspired me. The design was fabulous in itself, but I saw in it the potential for matching my story perfectly. I was given permission to modify and use it for a series. Relating to home building, I “flipped” the cover to my vision. My cover is the one on the right. I think it’s beautiful.

Wicked Covers for Lotta Smith

Lotta Smith’s regular designer recently changed jobs, leaving her searching for somebody who is used to designing illustrated covers. She found me on Facebook and reached out. In less than two months, she’s commissioned me to make two covers that match the rest of her series.

I think her character Mandy is a doll. Lotta finds images on for her changing poses/outfits. Part of me feels like I get to play paper dolls for a living. For Lotta’s latest cover, I showed her I can change her dress and purse to several different colors to choose from. It was a tough choice, but orange won out this time, looking pretty against her blue sky background. It’s important to me that my client is happy.


Dipping My Toes into Premades

Hello! I had so much fun this morning designing these two covers. I am in love with them (is that okay to say about your own work?). Since I write cozies, I nearly want to keep them all to myself, and start another series! But alas, I will let them go…
$79 each, and must be purchased together. For full paperback covers, it’s just $39 more for each.